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R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. has available a special program of insurance specifically designed for a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). The program is underwritten by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, one of our nation’s oldest and most respected insurance companies. This special insurance program has existed since 1952. Our new, enhanced policy protects officers, directors or anybody attending events. . .



PTO Liability Insurance

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Bonding Insurance

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Business Personal Property

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Accident Medical

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Why Your Booster Club Should Have Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Did you know that the PTO President, and all other officers and directors of the PTO can be personally and individually named, in a lawsuit placing their personal assets at risk (home, vehicles, savings, attachment of future wages and earnings of both individual and spouse)? Protect your personal assets, your PTO and your school district from the threat of financial loss and lawsuits. Our PTO insurance program is specifically created for parent teacher organizations nationwide. We offer PTO Liability insurance, Bonding insurance, Business Personal Property insurance, Accident Medical and Directors and Officers Liability insurance. D&O starts at $50.00.

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